What is Dale studying now – Personal Edition

I ran across this image on Facebook (thanks Memories). It prompted me to ask myself what am I studying currently, and I thought I would share that with you. Side note: I am still addicted to drop caps.

This is the second of probably several posts. This post will be what I’m studying that is for personal enjoyment. It includes a couple distinct categories, so some of it might be hand-wavy as well.

O'reilly book cover with a bunny rabbit with text "Hirt's in a nutshell"
I know it is misspelled. I’ll fix it another time šŸ™‚

Some ground rules. I am NO GOOD at any of these things, but I’m having fun, so that’s what matters. If you have fun resources to share, great. If you think this is a request for commentary on how I suck, thanks but no. Go away. And finally, the pandemic sucked away my will to do anything for a long time. Well, I’m finally getting back into doing things for myself, and this is a partial list of them.

First up, music music music. I love listening to music, and even pretending to play. I love to play guitar. I even have a couple posts on upgrading my instrument (hint: I need to post the conclusion to that series sometime).

In addition, I started working on learning to play the piano again, using Playground Sessions. I’m almost done with the rookie bootcamp. I love that they have songs as well. I also use these materials because I am addicted to their cover style (not kidding!). I have the first couple exercises down, and I need to work on the next ones.

Scouting is important. I love scouting, and I have all my kids in scouting at various levels. I am the Cubmaster for Pack 559 in Chief Seattle Council. One site that I use for help with merit badges and ideas is Boy Scout Trail.

Board games are a lot of fun, and we really are in a golden age of board games. I love RPGs as well. I will be doing a full post on them as I have time.

Til next time!

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