What I worked on this week 4/17/2021

This is my weekly status post. This is just as a reminder of what was fascinating to work on over the past week. Expect some vagueness, because I want this to be 10 minutes or less.

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Pexels.com

Azure Data Factory: I made more progress on the data workflows for data from our HR systems. However, I’ve found some funkiness with how ADF uses Git repositories, so I’m working on a blog post about that.

Migrations: Moving Azure subscriptions is a pain, so separate production and staging based on services from the start. If you can’t have separate subscriptions, use separate resource groups. We have multiple services defined in a single Azure Subscription, and they are all put into the same resource groups. This is a pain untangling everything.

Azure Pipelines: Yaml is still a cross to bear, but we have a good story for how to separate things. Here you can see under templates, we have single files under rings (stages), steps (jobs and reusable steps). Individual files manage individual needs, with some common variables in a common file, but a lot of it coming down through parameters. I can sense a blog post coming about this as well. We do separate out the release pipelines from the build pipelines, but I’m not as happy with the separation model.

Have a great weekend!

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