Your productivity is very bad right now…

I ran across this tweet today:

So I’m here to tell you that your productivity is bad right now because of several ongoing, overlapping crises and a new to-do list system or organizing software won’t solve it alone.

I have been there. I’ve tried dozens of different systems. There are no magic bullets. If you have an organizing system that works for you, great. Don’t change it just because. If you haven’t found one you like, stick with the one you have until you do find one that resonates with you.

Our world is an insane mess and there is so much out of our control. I personally take heart from stoicism and always ask myself 4 basic questions.

I try to limit myself to only that which is in my control. I won’t feed the trolls online, even though there is a lot of misinformation out there. It is not in my control. I will love my kids, and take care of them.

Everything else just needs to be let go.

Photo by Breakingpic on

Including that shiny new to-do list app. Sorry, not sorry.

Have a great day!

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