What I worked on this week 5/22/2021

This is my weekly status post. This is just as a reminder of what was fascinating to work on over the past week. Expect some vagueness, because I want this to be 10 minutes or less.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

PowerShell: I helped another team with their Azure PowerShell issue. They were trying to use managed identity when pushing a custom script extension, but needed two bits of advice to make it work: Use the ProtectedSetting property to pass the managed identity in, and use version 1.10 or greater of the Custom Script Extension. I also posted a blog on an interesting trick with PowerShell parameters.

OKR Planning: We started OKR planning for next quarter (begins July 1st). The best/biggest shift my group has undertaken since I joined Microsoft was from being a reactive to a proactive team. To say it took almost 5 years is about right. But the mindshift has proven invaluable. We never would have done planning to this level when I first joined. I’m excited for some of the stuff coming up that we will be taking on.

Mental Health: My mental health has been good, but sleep has been lacking again. I am going to try a weighted blanket next. I went and had lunch with a friend, UNMASKED, for the first time in over a year. It felt so good, and because it was a friend I hadn’t seen in almost 2 decades, it was even better.

Have a great weekend!

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