What I worked on this week 5/14/2021

This is my weekly status post. This is just as a reminder of what was fascinating to work on over the past week. Expect some vagueness, because I want this to be 10 minutes or less.

Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

Security: Internally, we have many mechanisms to monitor and manage security, both from an alerting/monitoring aspect and from a KPI perspective. The KPI’s help drive what action needs to be taken to help secure our systems. I spent the majority of my time responding to a couple different KPI’s related to security and the health of various VM’s and systems.

Upgrades: I started helping with the planning stages of a SCOM upgrade. I am responsible for the SQL Server portion, which I think is a good blog post I’ll probably do in the near future. I have a motto with upgrades: never upgrade in place, always replace. I would rather build out a new set of systems, transition the existing data to it, and get back up and running. This has proven to be the more stable option in the long run.

Mental Health: My mental health has been good, but sleep has been lacking. With the new CDC guidance released, I finally felt good enough to go sit out at a brewery and have a beer for the first time in over a year. This summer is going to be even better.

Have a great weekend!

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