Quick One-Liner – Search in Files

Today’s one liner is all about how to search file contents in Powershell, recursively.  Bring on the code!

Get-ChildItem -recurse -filter *.cs | Select-String -pattern “SqlConnection” | group path | sort count | select name > sqlconnection.txt

First, let’s just get all C# source files:  Get-ChildItem -recurse -filter *.cs

Second, let’s select all lines with our search string: Select-String -pattern “SqlConnection”

Third, let’s group all the matchinfo objects returned by path: group path

Fourth, let’s sort the grouping objects by count ascending:  sort count

Fifth, let’s select only the name (full file path): select name

Finally, let’s pipe it into a file:  > sqlconnection.txt

Yay!  Easy and simple.  I’m going to turn this into a function that I can have at the ready.

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