Git in the Enterprise

As we move forward in DevDiv, our next steps are to move to as our default instance of TFS.  This also comes with a switch to Git as the default VCS.

Here are some of the caveats we’ve discovered.

1. Git does not do binaries well.  There is a size limitation within Git.  See here and here.  This means we need to componentize our source tree.  A lot of pruning and splitting apart.

2. Workflow changes.  I have this one command to make sure my local repo is up to date and merged (git pull origin master). You will need to understand that branches are cheap, disposable, and far easier to use than in normal TFS.  I can create and destroy branches locally as many as I want, and then merge back into master, and only push those changes back up.

3.  You have to read the documentation.  Yes, it’s a VCS, but it’s not a centralized one like SVN or TFS.  Even though it may be TFS on the back end, you still need to RTFM.

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