Tools 2015

I have a few essential tools that I need to make sure are on every machine.

Windows Live Writer

I need this tool constantly to help me with my blog posts.  Plus, I can sync them to OneDrive so no matter what machine I’m on, I can keep working.

Link to full Install:

How to sync to OneDrive:

Remote Server Administration Tools

Since I do Devops/IT work, I need access to the server tools.

Windows 10:

Windows 8.1:

Windows 8:

Windows 7:

Notepad Alternatives

I tend to prefer Programmers Notepad, although I know others love Notepad++

Version Control

I use TFS internally at work, but Git externally.  Thankfully, there are some great tools to work with Git on Windows and in PowerShell.  I also love the GitHub client which can be used with any Git repository you want.

Git for Windows